Back to College: Driving Safety Tips

1. Although it may be tempting to college students to squeeze every last dorm essential into their car, avoid cramming! The driver should be able to see out of the back window despite a loaded down car. Nothing should be packed above seat level – they need to be able to see clearly and stop quickly if needed without the threat of objects projecting into the front seat.

If you drive a small car and foresee that everything will not fit safely, talk with your family about making a trip to a local store after you arrive at your soon-to-be home. Pick up the last few essentials and enjoy a last shopping trip before saying your goodbyes.

If someone in your family drives an SUV or van, utilize these to your advantage! These larger vehicles provide optimal flat packing space, and seats can usually be folded down to provide additional room.

2. If you’re traveling a long distance or multiple states to reach your college, take breaks while driving. Enjoy a picnic at a rest area with your family or walk through a national park. You will soon be appreciative of that valuable time with your family!

3. Conduct a car check before sending your child off to school. Check their headlights and turn signals, fill up their tires, and change their oil before the journey. Chances are your child will not be home again for a few months – ensure their safety while they’re away.

4. Remember to lock up! Remind yourself, or your child, that college campuses and surrounding cities are not as safe as their parent’s driveways. Remember not to leave your phone or laptop in your car and to always lock the car before going inside.

College is a new and exciting adventure, but parting with your family for the first time can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Make this new chapter of your life a bit easier by knowing your college student is safe, because whether you are the college student or the parent of one, nothing means more to you than the safety of your family.


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